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About Prairie Highlands Lodge

About Prairie Highlands Lodge

About Us

About Us

Located  in south central South Dakota, Prairie Highlands Lodge has been in operation since 2006. Myself, Abel and Naquel have a passion for the outdoors and wish to share that enthusiasm with our guests. 

Hunting this area is limited to those with tribal guides and follows the regulations put in place by the Rosebud Reservation to ensure the healthiest of wildlife populations. The guides provided, either myself or hand selected others come with years of experience and a vast knowledge of this beautiful area that stretches over 1.3 million acres. 

We offer world class hunting, lodging and food at a reasonable price. All of your needs while at PHL will be met to your satisfaction. For those guests with any special needs or those with less hunting experience please take contact for any necessary accommodation so as to ensure a great hunting experience.

Transportation to and from carefully scouted locations or to one of your own choosing and day packs are provided. A gourmet 5 course meal consisting of locally sourced organic food and wild game prepared on site awaits you at our magnificent Lodge after each hunt. 

The hunting in this area is second to none. The diversity of hunting locations span from high plains that stretch as far you can see to rolling hills that give way to deep wooded creeks. Valleys leading to huge river valleys with mature cottonwood and cedar trees provide cover and habitat for an abundance of wild game. The beauty of the land will astound you. You are sure to have ample opportunity to harvest the animal of your choice. 

Taxidermy services for our trophy hunters and meat processing for large game will be arranged upon request. We ensure a memorable experience and the highest quality of hunting and accommodations here at Prairie Highlands Lodge. 

- Hunting isn’t just something we do, it’s part of who we are. - Abel Harmon and Naquel Larson 


Any special groups, bachelor parties or reunions feel free to take contact for large group rates(?).